No-one can think about confining himself/herself in the home, without regard for how stunning the home is. The ideal home is the one that has a beautiful garden attached to it. There is a general belief that a garden comprises of plants, flowers and all the greenery. However, did you know that birds too form an integral part of a pretty garden. Perhaps not! A garden with the sweet chirp of birds adds on to the whole feel and beauty. If there are not enough birds in the garden, there are plenty of things that can help you achieve the same.

The best thing you can do with your garden to draw in more birds is to make it more secure for them. Typically, birds don’t visit spaces which make them feel threatened. Therefore, you can try to make your garden secure by planting more trees and shrubs that may help the birds feel more at home. More trees will make them feel closer to their natural environment.

When you think about planting plants in your garden to attract birds, it’s vital to go only for the shrubs and not the fascinating types.The reason for it is that it creates a natural feel of the habitat for birds. Though exotic varieties add to the charm and appearance of your garden, they might not prove to be a very powerful alluring force to bring birds to your garden.

Another sure shot measure to bring birds into your garden is to target the food that you can offer to the birds in your garden. It’s crucial to appreciate that same type of food can not attract different sort of birds. So, it is a good move to go in for a range of food items. The greater variety of bird food you place in your garden, more likely you are to bring variety of birds into your garden.

Simply stocking up your garden with bird food is not enough. You also need to be certain that you keep them in the right places. Birds are intelligent enough to sense danger and understand that food can often be used as a trap for them. Thus, you need to eliminate this fear by putting the food in a quiet and undisturbed area of your garden. Keeping it in an isolated place will make the birds feel more protected and secure.

Along with food, you also need to be careful of their water needs.Birds not just need water to drink but they also need water to wet their feathers. Keep water in a big bowl, which is easily accessible to them. Keeping water in long vessels isn’t a good idea as birds may have problem drinking from the same.