Non Rotisserie Smokers


These Are Our NON Rotisserie smokers, the difference between rotisserie and non rotisserie barbecue pits is: Rotisserie smokers keep the meat rotating combined with the fire box that runs along the entire length of the pit. This eliminates Hot and cold spots throughout the cooking area.

Non Rotisserie smokers normally have side mounted fire boxes, even when adjusted with tuning plates used to disperse the heat, the pit obviously gets hotter on one side so turning and flipping throughout the cooking time is a must. Keep in mind that we can build anything to fit a specific need or budget, we can build from personal size grills, family size or commercial rigs for fire departments, or other events. We also have themed smokers that can be themed out for your favorite team, product, or company. Contact us with any needs or questions you may have. Refer someone to us and receive $300 off your smoker, it’s just our way of saying thank you.