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“How to Build Your Own BBQ Smokers”

This ebook is the result of years of personal and business experience in building all types and sizes of horizontal style bbq smokers. The original “How To Build Your Own BBQ Smoker” on CD, not to be confused with other recent listings offering smoker plans on cds. Our competitor offers only plans for one small sized horizontal smoker – with this ebook, you will be able to build any size smoker you desire.
The ebook includes 47 color photos, 13 drawings, step by step detailed instructions, a material checklist, and helpful tips for building portable backyard horizontal Texas Style smokers or large trailer mounted units. The drawings can be printed for your own personal use.

“How to Build Your Own BBQ DRUM Smoker”

These plans are fully illustrated and simple to follow.


The best pit bbq is the kind that has been slow cooked over smoke all day. Even better yet is the kind that has been slow cooked over smoke all day in a homemade grill that you can build in one day very inexpensively without any special skills.

If you can handle a drill, screwdriver, and paintbrush then you can build this easily in one day!

I know barbeque! I’m familiar with all sorts of good ways to build a smoker – brick, cinderblock, drum barrels, and even the store bought ones. I’ve used them all and I stick to this classic redneck design.

Nobody knows good BBQ like us good ole rednecks!

This design is used in competitions today! I’ve been to the competitions. In fact, a good friend of mine is the head judge for BBQ competitions so I’ve had all the “insider” information on how to build, and cook over these things! You can’t beat it.

Smokers are in big demand these days! If you build it, decide you don’t like it (which you WILL like it) you’ll be able to sell it for 3 or 4 times what it cost you to build it!

Smoker Information:

Vertical Style Drum Smoker
Does NOT use a water barrier like the store bought crap
Uses a steel drum (which can be found just about anywhere for real cheap if not FREE)
Can handle large quantities of meat (I mean A LOT!)
Will look very professional once built
Similar style to ones that sell for several hundreds of dollars even into the thousand

“Brick Oven Plans CD Wood Fired Pizza BBQ Grill Smoker”

Wood Fired Brick Oven

Professional Brick Oven That You Can Construct!

Over 300 Step by Step Color photos…from the slab to the pizza!

Inside Dimensions 36″ wide x 38″ deep once through the door.

Room for 2 to 3 pizzas…ready in 2-3 minutes…baked right on the fire brick hearth…the way a pizza should be!

I have comments, instructions, hints, supplies, vendors, etc for each picture.

Unlike other plans on Ebay, my pictures inform, teach, and guide you through the process.

Plus, unlike others, you email me with questions as you construct your oven and I will answer you!

The Truth!!! I Never Laid A Brick Prior To This Project!!!!!

In the area? Come to Flint Texas and take a look.

Cook 50 to 75 Pizzas in one Party!

You’re purchasing a professional quality CD with high pixel, color photo instructions.

I Attached A few of these Photos on the Listing.

You’ll also receive recipes for pizza dough, dozens of homemade bread and roll recipes, lasagna, steaks, and much more.

You receive Video Internet Links to:

Pizza Throwing

Dough and Pizza Making

Bread Making

Brick Laying

You receive Internet Links to:

The Art in Brick Ovens

How a Brick Oven Works

How to Start the Fire