King Cookers

King Coops Of Long Island New York, Introduces King Cookers! We sell High End BBQ Smokers, BBQ Pits, & BBQ Rotisserie Grill Cookers – FindBestGrill.Com that will help you deliver the Real Southern BBQ flavor that you know and love. Our Rotisserie Pit BBQ Smokers are used and shipped world wide. Nothing else compares to the true barbecue taste that these smokers put out!

Whether you spell it BBQ, barbecue, barbeque, bar-b-q, or b-b-q, your choice of meat cooked over a wood fire in a barbecue smoker or, which is basicaly a wood fired convection oven and that is the definition of barbecue. Charcoal grilling is when you cook directly over the coals. “Smoking” means cooking with indirect heat and smoke, it is a slower process this way, compared to grilling. But My Friends, the worth is definately worth the wait, you’ve never had ribs so moist, they fall off the bone as you try to take them out, brisket so moist and tender, it just falls apart.

King Cookers sets the standard for selling the highest quality competition barbecue pit smokers ever manufactured. Our wood and charcoal burning rotisserie barbecue pits have made alot of happy customers all over all 52 states, and has began to give us a name in the BBQ industry. Rotisserie Pit BBQ Smokers eliminate the need to rotate and flip meat to obtain the same quality on both sides, our rotisserie models have fire boxes that run the full length of the food chamber eliminating hot and cold spots throughout your pit. Available as Backyard Smokers, Basic BBQ Smokers and Rotisserie smokers

If you want to be in the BBQ business which can be found at best gas grills 2018, vending, catering, competition or are just a BBQ enthusiast, King Coops has a barbecue pit smoker for you. From our Backyard Smokers to our commercial line of real wood burning rotisserie pit smokers, King Cookers has a barbecue smoker to handle all of your cooking needs.

We thank you for stopping by, you and your family, have a happy and healthy summer! God Bless

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